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Valentine Day Quiz
Posted: 15th of February 2012
On 14th February we participated in a Valentine Quiz. Two teams managed a hearty 9 of 12 correct answers. Everyone seemed to enjoy trawling back through the grey cells trying to recall snippets of information from English and History classes. If you were unable to be present but would still like to have a go at the quiz here are the questions.

Valentine Day Quiz

1. Who wrote ‘The Parliament of Birds’? It is the first recorded association of Valentine’s Day with romantic love.

2. Who is St. Valentine? Choose one of the following:

• A Greek God

• A Roman Emperor

• A martyred Roman

• A Pagan King

3. Who acceded to the English Throne on 14th February 1689?

4. Who applied for a telephone patent, on the 14th February 1876? The Supreme Court ruled that he was the rightful inventor.

5. What play opened in London on 14th February 1895? It is described as a trivial comedy for serious people and you can still go to see a performance of it today.

6. What do Kevin Keegan, Ronnie Peterson, Vic Briggs and Pauline’s grandmother have in common?

7. Who did Nicole Appleton (former member of All Saints) marry on 14th February 2008?

8. Members of whose gang killed rival gang members in the St. Valentine’s Day massacre in 1929?

9. February 14th is the 45th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. How many days are remaining until the end of 2012?

10. Who was the actress who played the lead in the British film ‘Shirley Valentine’?

11. How much was spent in the UK last year on Valentine Day cards, chocolates and flowers? Choose from the following:

• £378 million

• £503 million

• £600 million

12. What is the biggest selling love song of all time?